WSJ: Fitness App creates a custom workout

FitStar uses data about your body to eliminate intimidating workouts that lead to broken resolutions. The app creates customized exercise routines, presented in slick videos featuring telegenic NFL starTony Gonzalez, and tailored to what you can honestly accomplish. Then it keeps adjusting future workouts based on how you actually perform.

Go wobbly after doing just a few push-ups? FitStar takes notice and will limit how many it asks you to do until you’re ready for more.

FitStar isn’t the first fitness app, but it is one of the first to replace static workout videos with exercises tailored on the fly based your age, weight, your performance with each exercise and the activity of people like you, based on demographics and performance. Its customization software also can draw on data collected by wearable fitness trackers made by Jawbone and Fitbit—devices that on their own haven’t been able to motivate me to exercise.

The app is free to download and costs $5 per month to unlock all its features. It is available only on iPads and iPhones,

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