Fast Company: How to Keep your Best Employees.

Dan Ariely has researched meaning at work extensively, and as he shares in this TED Talk, there is nothing that kills meaning more than failing to acknowledge one’s work. According to Ariely, “Ignoring the performance of people is almost as bad as shredding their effort before their eyes.  

It’s never too late–nor can you ever do too much–to make somebody feel like their work matters.

The survey reported that 85% of the workforce is either actively looking for a job or open to talking to recruiters about relevant opportunities–even those who report being satisfied with their current jobs.

Employees contemplate daily whether to re-up with their current employer or entertain the prospect of landing a better gig.

An employee’s final days could be one of the most underutilized engagement levers at your disposal.  Find out WHY they left.


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