Find The Best: Research Thousands of Topics and Compare Products Instantly.

Hard to believe that this research engine has been around since 2009… If you want comparative research on electronics, PR firms, capital venture firms, medical schools, high schools, dog breeds, nonprofits, just about anything – this is the place to go.  Beautifully laid out, easy to scan, and easy to compare multiple products… Or just compare all the models of your i-phone or Android! Check it out!

FindTheBest is a research engine focused on collecting, structuring, and connecting the world’s data — 59 billion facts to date — to give people all the information they need to research with confidence. The company’s desktop site, mobile site and embeddable widgets let people thoroughly research thousands of topics on one intuitive interface. Launched in late 2010, FindTheBest has quickly become a leading research engine with 23 million monthly visitors. FindTheBest is headquartered in Santa Barbara, California.

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