3D Printing Insider: Natural Machines Develops 3D Food Printer

Ok, my food geek pals – use a 3D printer to create fresh bread or pasta when you come home at night… Wouldn’t that amaze your guests???

(TechEuropeWSJ) Natural Machines, based in the Barcelona Activa center in the west of the Spanish city, is working on a 3D printer that will produce not just chocolates but pasta (such as ravioli), breads—in fact, anything that starts life as a dough, paste or stiff liquid.

“I like to cook at home but I don’t have time to roll out pasta dough, or bread,” said Lynette Kucsma, a former Microsoft employee who joined the company earlier this year. “But I want to make fresh food. Printing a thin dough and a filling is not a problem.” The idea is that foodie geeks will set the machine up before they go to work, and have it timed to be ready when they get home.

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