WSJ: Colleges can now predict if you will stick with a class – or dropout.

This is good for YOU and the COLLEGE… 

WSJ:  John Baker, president and chief executive officer of Desire2Learn Inc., an education technology company, says his business is seeing increased demand for analysis of student data. Colleges, he says, are “really hungry to make sense of the data, to pull it together and gather insights that can enable them to make the education experience more effective.” More than 50 schools have signed up for the company’s Insights analytics tool, introduced in May, he says.

Degree Compass

At Austin Peay, administrators helped develop and implement Desire2Learn’s Degree Compass in 2011. (The project was highlighted in an August White House release tied to the president’s college-affordability initiative.) The compass gives assessments of a student’s likely success in a given class based on the student’s past performance, including in high school, as well as how other students have fared in that class over time.

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