WOW! Wang Deshun’s body looks like he’s in his 20’s or 30’s… lithe, well-muscled, lean, flexible, sharp bold eyes… even his skin looks smooth and soft… May we all be inspired to take better care of ourselves, so that we may look great at 80 too!  ROCK on, Hottest Grandpa!

The models vanished, the music shifted from electro-trance to something appropriately loud and jarring and finale-making, a singer intoning, Sister, you need to make big, brave strides. And suddenly there he was, bursting down the runway, Hottest Grandpa leading the gift-wrapped cat-models! He walked just as the lyrics suggested: with big, brave strides. In the world of fashion, where the default runway expression is one of laconic, almost opioidal nonexpression, Hottest Grandpa appeared fierce. In a country where masculinity sometimes conveys itself as bland diffidence, he walked fast, with swinging arms, calling attention to himself. He glared at the crowd and jabbed one hand in the air to wave. His torso gleamed, toned and ripped. He was rolling thunder.

Read more: http://www.gq.com/story/wang-deshun-fashion-week

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