Work smarter not harder and longer.  Slow down and take care of you and you will see your priorities more clearly and manage your work more quickly.


Conscious living can make it happen. The more self-aware you are, the more you can achieve.

Achieving from within sounds alien to most people, and it’s rarely presented as the best strategy for success. There’s a strong social bias in favor of action where the focus should be on the awareness required to make action reach its goal. The more centered you are, the deeper your source for inspiration and creativity, the wider your vision, and the sharper your focus. These are the traits of success, and they are all inner traits.

Now you can see that coping at work isn’t the same as putting out brush fires all day. It’s an inner journey that teaches you to match inner and outer life. For every person who has heard of meditation, yoga, and stress management, only a fraction have adopted a lifestyle of inner growth that brings the expansion of awareness year after year. Meditation isn’t about turning into a monk; yoga isn’t about stretching and becoming limber. They are about establishing yourself in the self.

The self isn’t a thing but a state of awareness, and even though you can find plenty of references to the higher and lower self, there is only a single self with many possible states. The shallowest state has little awareness, being reactive to external situations and prone to a restless search for distractions and the support of other people. The highest state is complete self-awareness, with mastery of inner and outer life. All of us find ourselves somewhere between these two poles, and at a certain point it dawns on us that awareness isn’t a constant. It’s dynamic and changing.

So the real question is this: who’s in charge of the changes? Once you see that you aren’t actually the author of your own story, naturally you want to be. Sacrificing your self to work, other people, and outside demands is the greatest mistake anyone can make. So take seriously the fact that your inner potential in your most precious possession and begin to look at how to fulfill your potential from the inside, not as a long range goal but as your purpose for getting up every morning.

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